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Divine Children Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) Corporation established in 2008. Set up as a charitable organisation focusing on high-need areas in the Rio Grande Valley.


Assisting low-income families in South Texas in improving their quality of life by bringing resources to address family development needs in the areas of health, education, and training.


1) Provide medical services for uninsured and underinsured; 2) Provide transportation for medical care; 3) Provide vocational education; and 4) Provide training to develop job skills.

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Doctor, Retired Professor Support Students and Research

Drs. Subhash and Sarojini Bose hold multiple titles and degrees between them, but one of their most rewarding accomplishments is being mentors to their students and patients.

Dr. Sarojini Bose is a pediatrician and owner of Ashley Pediatrics Day and Night Clinics named after the Boses’ daughter, Ashley. Dr. Bose runs 14 pediatric clinics, 3 family clinics and a mobile medical clinic employing 200 people. Dr. Bose serves as chief executive officer of two non-profit organizations.

Dr. Subhash Bose is a retired professor of Manufacturing Engineering from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Bose worked at the university from 1993 to 2017. He now serves as the chief administrative officer for Ashley Pediatrics and two non-profit organizations.

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